Do Not Invest in Facebook Ads Before You Do These 6 Things!

Social media is one of the best way to drive traffic to our business. It is even more effective when we promote our business through Facebook advertisement. However, I always stress the importance of doing the 7 step pre-prep process before investing in Facebook ads. 
  • Product Research 
Conducting a thorough product research is the fundamental to having a successful product. One of the ways I teach my students to do this is by checking watch-count. Watchcount is a very resourceful website that reveals which items have attracted the most interest on ebay. The website provides details on how many watchers and how many sales an item receives. You simply plug in the keyword or search by category and you can even narrow your search by location and watchcount will provide a good idea of the market's current interest in your search. Once you are able to validate the product and determine whether your product is in demand or not you are one step ahead. 
  • Market Audience Research 
A detailed audience research will provide a clear understanding of who your target audience is. You will be able to obtain data such as their interest, demographics, location and much more. This kind of data can save you tons of marketing dollars. Luckily, this type of information can be retrieved by using the Audience Insight tool available in Facebook Ads Manager. 
  • Landing Page and Checkout Page Optimization 
Your landing page is the page your visitors land on to learn more about your products/services in order to make a purchasing decision. This page is a huge deal and should not be taken lightly. The following details that must be validated on your landing page. 
  1. Products/services details- Provide a clear and legitimate information about your products/services. Be very transparent about the offer, value, fit, quality, variant, price, benefits and more. 
  2. Social proof- since online shoppers are not able to feel or test your products or services before they purchase,  their decisions are based on what others have to say about your products/services. Therefore, if you do not provide reviews on your products, you are setting yourself and your business up for failure. 
  3. checkout-  is your add to cart button visible enough for your customers? Well, your sales relies on it  An add to cart button that is difficult to locate could cause a customer to immediately leave your website. So be your first customers. go ahead and take your customers journey to make sure you know exactly what your customers are experiencing. Does your coupon code work? Do you have any up-sell or cross-sell strategy? what are your payment methods and do they work for your customers? what are your shipping options available to your buyers? These are just a few things to check for so that you don't waste money on Facebook ads driving traffic that won't convert. 
  • Ad Creative and Ad Copy 
Your ad copy is an extremely important piece that determines the success of your ad campaign. This is what will peak your audience interest to click on your ad and express interest in your products/services. It does not need to be too busy but you aim for high quality images or videos that will grab your customers attention to your ad. Determine ahead of time if your ad creative will be a carousel ad, video ad or single image ad. Make sure they are created with the correct dimensions for the right ad placements such as Instagram stories, Facebook right column, messenger and more. 
Your ad copy is simply the details you provide about your offer. Knowing your audience will make it easier for you to speak their language. This must be well thought out and must make an impression in 2 to 3 short sentences. Provide a short and spicy introduction for your offer, include the link to your offer and include your call to action with a hint of scarcity. 
  • Know your Numbers 
How else would you know if you are making a profit or losing? After all that is what we are in business for! Determine the cost of your offer, factor in your expenses such as the cost for packaging, shipping, taxes, labor, and any other cost that is involved. Knowing how much it is worth to acquire each customer will help you manage your ads to determine when to scale or pause your ad campaign. 
  • Facebook Pixel
This is the most important thing on this list. If you do not have a pixel installed on your website before you spend money on social media advertisement then you are really throwing money away. The pixel is simply a code that collects important data about your visitors behavior on your social media channel and your website. It records details such as their interest, demographic, location, their interactions with your social media content, and the actions they take on your website such as add to cart, initiate checkout and purchase. This information helps Facebook algorithm find the right people for your business and even find a lookalike audience to those who already showed interest in your business. Such powerful data helps marketers make better marketing decisions and get the most out of their marketing budget.
In my course 2020 Business Launch Blueprint, I explain step by step how to set up your sales funnel to ensure a successful campaign. If you are not sure how to validate your product, find your target audience, optimize your landing page, create a eye catching ad copy and ad creative, create an install your Facebook pixel and more, this is the perfect course for you to get started. Click here to learn more and Register. 

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