Four Tools I Use To Grow My Business

Operating an online business can be a very challenging especially if you are doing it on your own. However, with the right tools in place, I have managed to grow my business successfully. Trust me I am not tech savvy so I only work with simple tools for beginners.

  • Shopify
Shopify is pretty much my real estate! The home of my business. Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows me to sell almost anything, anywhere in the world. It has an easy to use admin panel to manage my products and process my orders, easy customization templates, hassle free software updates, and optimizable apps makes which makes it perfect for anyone just starting out in business or those looking to grow their business. Try Shopify free for 14 days today. 
  • Canva
creating beautiful content for my website and marketing campaigns can be very costly . Thank goodness for Canva. Canva is my go to content creation tool. I can design my own shareable social media images, banners and other marketing content to make my brand stand out. Try Canva today. It's FREE.
  • Buffer 
Why do things manually when it can be automated? Buffer allows me to manage all my social accounts in one place while providing the capability to schedule content in advance to share on my social accounts. This life saving feature keeps my community engaged while I work on serving my customers and growing my business. It's a smart way to save time and manage your social media accounts efficiently and effectively. 
  • Mailchimp 
A major part of any business is it's email lists. Email marketing is very ancient yet the most effective and inexpensive marketing strategy. It is very important to build your email list and foster a solid relationship with your patronage. Mailchimp automation capabilities allows me to capture new subscribers and foster my relationship with my lifetime valued customers. It has easy drag and drop templates that are super easy to customize and perfect for newbies. The best part is that it is free to get started and very affordable to accommodate your growing business. 
I personally use every tool on this list in my own business. In fact, I teach my students in my program how to utilize these tools successfully in their businesses. If you need to jump start your business or need the right tools to grow your business to the next level, then these tools are perfect for you. In my course, Business Launch Blueprint I teach my students step by step exactly how to use these tools to supercharge their business for success. Learn more about this course and register today. 

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