Do Not Invest in Facebook Ads Before You Do These 6 Things!

Social media is one of the best way to drive traffic to our business. It is even more effective when we promote our business through Facebook advertisement. However, I always stress the importance of doing the 7 step pre-prep process before investing in Facebook ads. 
  • Product Research 
Conducting a thorough product research is the fundamental to having a successful product. One of the ways I teach my students to do this is by checking watch-count. Watchcount is a very resourceful website that reveals which items have attracted the most interest on ebay. The website provides details on how many watchers and how many sales an item receives. You simply plug in the keyword or search by category and you can even narrow your search by location and watchcount will provide a good idea of the market's current interest in your search. Once you are able to validate the product and determine whether your product is in demand or not you are...
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Four Tools I Use To Grow My Business

Operating an online business can be a very challenging especially if you are doing it on your own. However, with the right tools in place, I have managed to grow my business successfully. Trust me I am not tech savvy so I only work with simple tools for beginners.

  • Shopify
Shopify is pretty much my real estate! The home of my business. Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows me to sell almost anything, anywhere in the world. It has an easy to use admin panel to manage my products and process my orders, easy customization templates, hassle free software updates, and optimizable apps makes which makes it perfect for anyone just starting out in business or those looking to grow their business. Try Shopify free for 14 days today. 
  • Canva
creating beautiful content for my website and marketing campaigns can be very costly . Thank goodness for Canva. Canva is my go to content creation tool. I can design my own shareable social media images, banners...
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The 5 Emails That Converts Your Subscribers to Buyers.

If you do not have an email marketing campaign for your business, you are fixing for failure. Email marketing allows you to turn your cold audience into hot audience overtime through a sequence of communication. No! You do not have to send emails manually. All you need is an automated email sequence and set it and forget it. In my business I use Mailchimp to start and grow my email list. It is simple to use, free to get started and very affordable for accomodate a growing business. You emails should not about communication only but it should also be a revenue generating system for your business. but only when done right will you see results. There are five important emails that should be automated to turn your cold subscribers into cash. 

  • The Welcome Email

The welcome email is automatically sent each time someone opt in to your email capture form. This is an opportunity to welcome your subscribers to your business. Use this opportunity to let your business shine. Provide a...

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