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A STEP FORWARD - Embracing Change To Serve You Better


We are excited to announce that as of October 15th 2022, Breakthrough to Entrepreneur LLC will be rebranding. Over the past 10 years we have served and mentored entrepreneurs with an array of products and services. Some of these services were  launching Ecommerce business, package their knowledge into digital products and so much more. We have experienced tremendous growth in our business that allowed us to expand beyond the vision that birthed our company in 2011. Our services have produced and continue to produce results that exceed our students and clients expectations and for this we are truly grateful. 

Over the past year we analyzed our values, visions, and culture as an organization and have come to the realization that while our current brand represented us well in the past, it no longer represents our growth or reflect our hopes for the future. It is now time to create a new brand identity that satisfies the expectations of what our original mark stands for, while...

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A Mother Who Built Her Kids Businesses & Helps Other Women

"BE MORE, DO MORE, EARN MORE! If this is what your about then you are in good company.

I am Shaneika Burchell-Kerr, CEO and Founder of  Breakthrough to Entrepreneur LLC. With over ten years of experience in the entrepreneurship field and coaching over a hundred successful entrepreneurs, I have mastered the art of creating multiple streams of income through digital platforms. From selling physical products, digital courses online, one-on-one coaching, and instructing popular continuing education programs in New York & Connecticut, I prepare entrepreneurs, especially moms, to launch and build their own business.

I want to share my journey to inspire women and mother's who desire to become successful entrepreneurs.

The foundation of my business started when I had my first child; I was faced with the choices that most working mothers have to make every day. I had to drop my daughter off at daycare while I headed to work daily. My biggest fear was that I would be missing out on...

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Caribbean Entrepreneurs Are Heading for 6 Figures As Their Own Boss With Drop Shipping



A new drop shipping program paves the way for Caribbean business owners to be a part of the 6 figure circle without migrating, hoping for an increases salary or working two or three jobs to increase their earning potential.

As founder and CEO of Breakthrough to Entrepreneur LLC I have spent over 6 years as and e-commerce expert and business coach particularly in drop shipping, helping over 100 women successfully launch their own businesses, generating six figures and more.

As a native of the beautiful island of Jamaica, I remember my mother migrating to the United States to work in hospitality. She did not want to leave us but she lost her factory job and this was the best way for her to provide for her kids. After migrating to the United States and having my first child, I realized how hard it must have been for my mother to live paycheck to paycheck, leaving her kids with her mom, my grandmother, so she could go to work. I did not want that for my child and I saw...

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A Busy Mom's Guide To Balancing Life & Business

From the moment I knew I was going to be a mother, I was determined to be a great one! I became an entrepreneur because I wanted to be more available for my kids but soon realized it was not that simple. So how do I balance being an entrepreneur without sacrificing my duties as a mother?

Over the years I have learned, and mastered a lot of strategies and tips that have helped me finally balance business and life without sacrificing time with my kids.

Here are 10 of these strategies and tips I have religiously followed over the years that have made my entrepreneurial journey a success.


A Dedicated Personal & Business Planner

As adults we tend to walk around with our calendars in our heads. I promise you as a busy mom building a successful business while balancing life as a mom you will find a dedicated planner very useful to planning your time wisely. Every minute of the day is valuable. Use a dedicated planner to plan each hour like it’s your last. Do yourself a...

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