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A STEP FORWARD - Embracing Change To Serve You Better


We are excited to announce that as of October 15th 2022, Breakthrough to Entrepreneur LLC will be rebranding. Over the past 10 years we have served and mentored entrepreneurs with an array of products and services. Some of these services were  launching Ecommerce business, package their knowledge into digital products and so much more. We have experienced tremendous growth in our business that allowed us to expand beyond the vision that birthed our company in 2011. Our services have produced and continue to produce results that exceed our students and clients expectations and for this we are truly grateful. 

Over the past year we analyzed our values, visions, and culture as an organization and have come to the realization that while our current brand represented us well in the past, it no longer represents our growth or reflect our hopes for the future. It is now time to create a new brand identity that satisfies the expectations of what our original mark stands for, while...

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