The 5 Emails That Converts Your Subscribers to Buyers.

If you do not have an email marketing campaign for your business, you are fixing for failure. Email marketing allows you to turn your cold audience into hot audience overtime through a sequence of communication. No! You do not have to send emails manually. All you need is an automated email sequence and set it and forget it. In my business I use Mailchimp to start and grow my email list. It is simple to use, free to get started and very affordable for accomodate a growing business. You emails should not about communication only but it should also be a revenue generating system for your business. but only when done right will you see results. There are five important emails that should be automated to turn your cold subscribers into cash. 

  • The Welcome Email

The welcome email is automatically sent each time someone opt in to your email capture form. This is an opportunity to welcome your subscribers to your business. Use this opportunity to let your business shine. Provide a very short and impressive description about your business that you feel your subscribers should know, such as the history of the business, products and services offered a what set you apart from your competitors. You also want to entice your subscriber by highlighting the benefits of receiving emails from your business. Of course this email would mean nothing if it did not include an offer. Make it a juicy offer that they would get up out of bed for it.

Hint! Don’t forget to follow up with your subscribers who did not redeem the offer from the initial email, to remind them to redeem their offer. This is where the gold is.

  • The Abandon Cart Email

The reality is that for every 10 website visitors 9 with abandon their carts. It could be for any reason but the good news is you have the opportunity to recover abandoned carts. If you are not working on recovering abandoned carts, then you are leaving a ton of potential revenue on the table. In my e-commerce business I Automate three emails to recover abandoned carts. The first is schedule to be sent to the prospective customer within the first hour of abandoning their cart. This email is simply a reminder just in case they so happened to walk away from the computer to attend to a crying baby and forgot to complete their checkout. The second email is scheduled to go out 24 hours after the first email was sent and includes a sense of urgency along with a coupon which expires within 48 hours. The final email is sent to the prospective customer 3 days from the first email to remind them that the coupon will be expiring in a few hours. It may also say that the product inventory is low and almost out of stock. This creates even more scarcity.


  • Retargeting Emails

Retargeting emails are extremely valuable but often disregarded by marketers. Have you ever visited a website and looked at some products then notice the same products from that website in your news Facebook news feed, on a blog, or even in your email? Yu! You’ve been retargeted. This email gives your website visitors a second chance to look at your products and make a purchasing decision. This simple and very effective email includes not only the products the potential buyer showed interest in but it also should include similar products they may be interested in but might not have seen while browsing your website. This method will help increase the customers cart value.

Hint! Don’t forget to ass an appealing incentive. Everyone loves discounts.

  • Promotional /Seasonal Emails

Always keep in in that your subscribers opted in to your email list because they are interested in your brand. This makes them your customer avatar. However, they are also on many other email list so you are also competing for their attention. Sending consistent newsletters with relevant promotions and enticing deals is very important to nurturing and converting those valuable subscribers.  To add the icing on the cake how about a birthday coupon for your subscriber. This extra effort makes your subscribers feel very important since it is so personalized.

Hint! Keep a calendar of all major holidays relevant to your business and stay ahead of your email marketing game by planning promotions ahead of time.

  • Win Back Email

The goal of this email is to reengage customers on your list who haven’t bought in a long period time. Our email lists will consist of active subscribers who purchase frequently and inactive subscribers who could potentially hurt your engagement rate. It is important to declutter every once in a while to get rid of those subscribers who are simply costing you money to hold a spot on your list. But hold up! Before you hit the delete subscriber button, you need to first reengage those subscribers to potentially get them to act on an offer. In mt business I send these emails three times within a year. 60 days, 90 days and 180 days after the subscriber opted in to my email list. If a subscriber does not interact with either of the three emails then it’s break up time.

Hint: Be sure to send them a valuable offer and fresh content/products they have not seen that match their interest.

I hope this blog brought some great insight on how to monetize your email list. My teaching style is not to tell you what to do but to show you how to do it. If you are just getting started in business and need help figuring out how to start and grow your email list them (course) is perfect for you. In this course I walk you through exactly how to start and grow your email list, automate your emails and monetize your email marketing campaign. Click the link below to get started for just $$$



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